Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Supreme Seafarers coffee shop: off the beaten path

Despite being located in Britomart Place, the transportation hub in downtown Auckland, Supreme Seafarers requires a determined mind to find.

The main thoroughfare that leads away from the transportation building of Britomart Station has a multitude of eateries, coffee shops, and other retail spaces on either side.  Supreme Seafarers is on Tyler Street, which runs parallel on the waterfront-side to the plaza walkway.  Its relatively small shop sign makes it even more difficult to spot from a distance.

However, once you have arrived there, you're in for a real treat.  Please read below for a summary of this coffee shop.

Overall grade:  5.0/5.0

Unique charms:

  • Minimalist decor featuring light-coloured wooden stools (both low and high) paired with round metal tables (brass-alloy surfaces?), high ceiling with exposed cables and pipes, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass main door
  • Coffees presented on trays with information leaflets about the origins of the beans and the way they were roasted
  • FREE brewed coffee refills!!!

A very small sign, be on the lookout for it!

When I was done with this mug, the kind lady asked if I'd like a refill.  Of course!

Information leaflet with diagrams about the beans' origin and how they were roasted

A clean, minimalist appearance of the location.  I highly recommend this place!

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