Monday, September 1, 2014

Auckland Maritime Museum: a sea travel aficionados' heaven

I highly recommend the Auckland Maritime Museum to people who love history, especially the history of travelling by sea.

In there, you'll find exhibits about the history of maritime travel in New Zealand, from the time of natives to European settlers, but in my opinion, the most exciting section is the one that tells you the story of Team New Zealand in sailing competitions throughout the years.  Free-of-charge if you're an Auckland resident, but for an affordable price, this place is a must-see for tourists!

Please don't litter the seas and oceans!

Restoration programme

Play area for kids

Pick a ticket

Apparently I'm Agnes, a Prussian immigrant.

Visitors are encouraged to leave messages.

This was what happened to Agnes.

The holy grail of sailing

The lucky socks of Sir Peter Blake, a sailing legend.

You can drive a motor boat in this simulation.

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