Friday, September 12, 2014

Down-to-earth locales: K-Road and Mercury Lane

Every coin has two sides, and every city's ritzy glamorous "high-street" is contrasted by at least one down-to-earth or even "seedy" neighbourhood.

For Auckland, the edgy neighbourhood has Karangahape Road running through it.  "K-Road" as it's more affectionately called by the city's inhabitants, is quite long and is therefore intersected by many streets, akin to San Francisco's Geary Boulevard.  One of those that crosses K-Road is called "Mercury Lane".

On this side street, you'll find a building with a food court comprised of bargain eateries that offer hearty and affordable fare.  Mostly known by locals, prices of individual plate menus start as low as NZD7.00, and are very filling.  Japanese, Japanese Ramen, Chinese, Thai...  Plenty of choices of Eastern cuisines for the diner.

This food court isn't far from the downtown area, so if you ever want to stray further than the usual tourist attractions in  search for a budget meal, this is the place to go.


The building that has the highly affordable food court.

A large bowl of ramen for only NZD8.00

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