Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chocolate Boutique: satisfying your sweet tooth in Auckland

On the recent trip I took to Auckland, I became so fascinated with Chocolate Boutique.  So fascinated, in fact, that I went there three times on my 10-day trip.

The interior of Chocolate Boutique fits the atmosphere of where it is located: the street block known as Parnell Village.  For more information on Parnell Village, please read my blog post here.

The 1st time I went was at night.

The 2nd time I went was in the afternoon.
Drinks-making area

Shelves full of goodies

The prices of hot drinks vary from market average to significantly higher than market average, depending on which one you order.  The shop's famed Italian Denso costs NZD 6.50 (61.54% higher than the market average of a hot beverage).  If you'd like to taste a thick-set hot chocolate drink (consistency of custard sauce) with whipped cream on top, then this is the drink for you.  Apart from cocoa based goods (beverages, sweets, desserts, etc.) the kind and friendly staff at Chocolate Boutique also sell other products such as beverage accessories (coffee filters, drip-brew sets, et. al.)

My first drink was a Viennese hot chocolate
My second drink was a cappuccino.
My third drink was the "italian denso".

I highly recommend that everyone who has a sweet tooth must visit this place if they ever travel to Auckland.

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