Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting the best views: vantage points in and around Auckland

What fascinated me the most about Auckland is its geographical location.  

With sea water on its north and south sides, the inner city acts as a narrow land-bridge that connects the parts called "North Bay" and "South Auckland".  Even if this city isn't the northernmost in New Zealand, its inhabitants and visitors still benefit from warmer winters.  To see Auckland in all its glamour and beauty, you need to visit at least one (best if you go to all three) of the vantage points.

1. Mount Eden
2. One Tree Hill
3. Mount Victoria

The first two are in the city itself, and are close to each other.  The third one, however, is outside of Auckland and you'll need to drive or take the ferry to Devonport.  Similar to "Vista Point" of Marin County across the Golden Gate Bridge and looking back at San Francisco, Mount Victoria has the prettiest view, because you are across the bridge and are looking back at Auckland, instead of looking out from the city at the surrounding areas.  From Mt. Victoria, you can enjoy the skyline and a view of the alabaster yachts docked at Auckland's multiple marinas during the day or the flicker and glimmer of city lights in all their vivacity at night.



How do you mow the grass in an inactive volcano? Send in the sheeps!

Only 10,489 kilometers away lies the fairest city of them all.

The summit of Mt. Eden during the day

A very daring person is someone who sits at the lip of the volcano under a tree, reading a book.
The summit at twilight

Auckland's lights flickering to life at twilight


Auckland's equivalence of San Francisco's "Green Apple Books"

Election was about to take place during the time I visited Auckland.

A wonderful discovery in Mt. Eden neighbourhood: Village wine shop.

According to the sales staff, it's the only place in NZ where you can buy those high quality and rare whiskey: Japanese.

A local institution

A circus-themed restaurant that serves all-day American-style breakfast.

View of Auckland from Mt. Victoria

Mt. Victoria is also famed for the stools that are painted to look like cartoon mushrooms.

The weather station at the summit of Mt. Victoria

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