Monday, September 1, 2014

Auckland: a city that embraces diversity

This is the first of many blog entries about Auckland and the surrounding areas.

After having had the pleasure of spending 10 days in Auckland, I must admit that I consider New Zealand to be the fairer of the two lands down under, even if this betrays my educational upbringing, as I was a boarder at Geelong Grammar School in Australia.

The largest city of Aotearoa (the Mori name of New Zealand, which means "long white cloud") is a place where cultural diversity embraced.  This is namely reflected in how official documents and signs are in multiple languages, in the eclectic mix of store-fronts on its "high street", and in the fusions of various cuisines in its trendy restaurant scene.

Below are photos of downtown Auckland:

Queen Street - the quintessential name of a street in a Commonwealth country.  In Auckland, it's the main street.

Appetite-provokingly named chocolate products to take home.

The new water-front district: the "Viaduct"

The best sailing team on earth!

"Wynyard Quarter" - the new Viaduct area, a little further from the original

Would you like to ride the shark bus?

To all my readers from New Zealand: please don't forget to vote.

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