Thursday, September 4, 2014

Parnell Village: Auckland's dainty quarter

The part of Auckland that I fell in love with is called Parnell Village.

What's not to love about this place?
A gilded bridge beyond the ivy trellis roof. It was winter when I visited, so the vines were dormant.
Even the sign for public WC is stylish.

This is the back patio dining area of the Thai restaurant called "Thai Friends".

Yes, there's even a horse-drawn buggy there.

Parnell Village at night

Located roughly a kilometre away from the Central Business District ("downtown" to my North American readers), the street block named Parnell Village stands out from its surroundings.  The quaint Victorian houses on this plot of land were preserved from demolition by Mr. Les Harvey in the 1970s.

For the history of Parnell and a 24-minute interview video of Mr. Harvey, please click here.

A tribute to Mr. Les Harvey

There are many shops, restaurants and caf├ęs in Parnell Village.  You can find my other blog post about one of them here.

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