Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Store: fast service, small portion sizes, but expensive

Very near Auckland's Britomart transportation hub is The Store.

Here, you'll be served delicious food by an active service team.  Fast and friendly service makes this the ideal lunch spot for people who work in nearby office buildings.  However, the prices of their menus are slightly on the higher end.  A smoothie costs NZD7.00 and a small-plate lunch starts at NZD20.00

If your budget stretches that far and you're looking for a quick place to eat that's close to the waterfront in the downtown area of Auckland, then I recommend this bistro.  Otherwise, please pick some place else.

Overall grade:  4.5/5.0
Unique charms:

  • Straw hats for customers to borrow when seated outside on the patio
  • High quality condiments set
  • Bubbly complementary water
  • The take-away and the dine-in sections have separate entrances

A very tasty but also quite expensive smoothie

Pasta with lamb ragu

The quality of the olive oil, salt and pepper is immediately evident when you taste them.

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